When I was a kid, Star Trek: The Next Generation was the Saturday night favorite.  Having not blossomed into a nerd (and having an attention span of a child), I was only mildly interested in what would become my SciFi favorite.  I watched them again after school when I was a teenager and again through the morning sickness with my third child.

Modern entertainment is showing evidence of a post ST:TNG world.  OH, the gadgets!  Getting to see technology gear itself in the direction of the SciFi writers of my childhood is delightful.

There are obvious things like the ideas of virtual reality and Xbox Kinnect are a holodeck in its infancy.  Also, Dr Crusher appears to be using the equivalent of an iPad in sick bay or a version of a nook/fire when she’s directing a play.

But, Oh, My Flippin’ Goodness, I nearly had a conniption when I saw that CVS now sells Neela’s PianoNeela's Piano at CVS from the episode Lessons!