Concerning motherhood, I have purposed to have selective memory.  I feel like Anita Renfroe’s description of motherhood (minus the cookie part…coffee or tea instead).  I also have lots of wiser women telling me that if I blink, I’ll miss the special time of having littles.

I believe these women.  They all say the same thing.  They must know what they’re talking about from the other side of that threshold.

Yesterday, I found myself in a frenzy of Don’t-do-that-but-instead-do-this.  For example, “Don’t spray milk on the keyboard.  Instead, keep your milk in the kitchen.”  “Don’t lick (?!) the dishes as you unload them from the dishwasher.  Instead, hand them directly to me.”  “Don’t cry about it.  Instead, use words to ask me a question.”  “Don’t whine about not getting your computer time.  Instead, do your chores so that you may have it.”  “Don’t get out any new toys.  Instead, pick up this book and put it away.”  As the don’t-instead game escalated, my seven-year-old said, “Mom, I’m sorry you’re so frustrated.”  I didn’t think that I was THAT frustrated.

He used his intuition.  He asked his sisters to come play with him.  He rolled a ball on the floor with them.  I had a moment to clean my kitchen without little people making new messes underfoot.  I heard such pleasant laughter.  I grabbed my phone and took a picture of them.  I intend to block out the memory of them being generally annoying and keep the sounds and sights of them playing in my mind.

If I can’t be the “I’m so thrilled that you do childish things you’re all so cute and perfect” mom, I’m at least going to be the “You’re doing something cute.  Where’s my camera?” mom.  In fact, I’ve been known to say to my children, “Just stop being annoying and do something adorable so that I can take a picture.  Give me something good to remember when I’m old.”

I VERY much intend to be the wiser, older woman telling mommies of littles how they must cherish every blessed moment that the little cherubs create.  I will believe every word of it because I will have proof in my photo albums.