When I was thirteen, I could listen to the same song on repeat for days.  Whether it was to accentuate my mood or remind me of someone, the purpose was to evoke an emotion.  More than a decade and a half later, I find myself repeating that behavior.  This time, it’s for a God whose magnitude I can’t begin to imagine.

My day (in the quietness of housework and lesson plans) has been filled with beautiful imagery.

Consume me from the inside out, Lord…Your light will shine when all else fades! 

I see His love and mercy washing over all our sin.  And the people are saved!  Heal my heart and make it clean…Show me how to love like You loved me. 

[He] loves like a hurricane I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.  If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.  Heaven meets earth like and unforeseen kiss, and my heart turns violently inside my chest. 

Sin had left a crimson stain, but He washed it white as snow.  Your power alone can melt a heart of stone.

I’m so glad that when I turn back into a thirteen year old girl and gush about the only “He” who can ever be sufficient, I have a soundtrack powerful enough to reflect my impassioned disposition.