My husband says that most people are not smacked with a deluge of thoughts.  I think that it’s rather common, but people don’t articulate them.  There’s a deep version and a shallow version.  There are new thoughts and thoughts that have almost reached the end of the thinking process.  These are just a few the shallow thoughts that smacked me in the few seconds between grabbing the computer and booting up.  I’ll dub them surface thoughts.

1)      Did someone give my children Red Bull last night right before church?  They’re usually crazy, but holy crud!  In related news, I apologize to anyone who was hugged/attacked by my daughters.

2)      My husband is amazing.  Even when he’s leaks tinges of dork, he’s still the most amazing husband in the whole wide world.  He never stops astonishing me with his awesomeness.

3)      I feel an odd satisfaction when the contractor’s paint disappears behind the latex semi-gloss.  Ha! Walls, I dare you to show evidence that I have children in these rooms by remembering every tiny fingerprint!  I can wipe the walls down in the kids’ rooms now.

4)      Luke’s room is now orange.  He has worn an orange shirt every day since his before his 4th birthday unless I vetoed it.  An orange room was fitting.  He calls it “orange heaven.”

5)      I’m watching a documentary with my husband.  I love that he’s my nerdy honey.

6)      I also love that he makes a daily practice and responsibility of playing the audio Bible.  It’s a Bible in a year plan

7)      Since school started and my 7 year old is out of the house, both toddlers began using sentences.  Communication is a beautiful thing.

8)      My friends are interesting people.  Intellect with laughter makes for great exhortation.

9)      I have an infected tear duct.  I hear that the cure is a good cry.  Apparently, I’m supposed to watch Fried Green Tomatoes.  I don’t cry during chick flicks. Oh well.  I’ll wait it out.

Is the deluge of thoughts normal?  Is it a gender thing?  My husband suggests that it’s a gender difference.