I therefore amend the adage.

As Chief Nurturer of this household, I have taken on the task of baking many of our bread products.  I must say that the time it takes is not worth the time spent on a loaf by loaf basis.  However, the savings have appeared in a different fashion.

When I started dating my husband (drawing nigh on a decade ago), I was surprised at the frequency that his family ate out.  They didn’t discuss what was for dinner, but where dinner was.  When we married, we disagreed.  He said that eating out was a necessary fellowshipping part of building a relationship.  I told him that I would fellowship with him at home over a plant and protein based meal that I made and then walk with him for free.  This was not acceptable.  He assured me that it was not the food that was unacceptable, but the lack of the event of going “out.”   He longed for a time when our finances would allow us to spend money on eating out.  I was still not baking.  I didn’t care to eat much bread.  I don’t even like pizza…one of his favorites.

Eight years into this marriage, I decided to start baking fresh bread.  I found a good pizza dough recipe.  He loved it.  No more longing for ordering a pizza (talk about a markup over price of production!).  That was a start.

I made dinner rolls at Thanksgiving.  He loved them.  Really?  That’s all it took?  So, I made another batch with larger rolls to use for sandwiches.  Rave reviews.

My great vindication came last night.  Our son asked if we could get fast food on our way home (I don’t know why he bothers to ask.).  My husband would usually  recite, “No.  Eating out is too expensive.”  Instead, he said, “No, your mom made bread so I’d rather go home and have a sandwich.”

“Rather.”  Let’s be clear that he said “rather.”  Yes, my friends.  I have an announcement.  My bread trumps the event of going out!