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I recently had the pleasure of seeing my sister who lives a great distance away.  As we were discussing my current addiction to coupons, she said her family eats healthfully and therefore would not benefit from the use of coupons.  Much of the food they eat is organic.  Ah, but even people who eat organic will eventually need toilet paper.  There’s a coupon for that.

So today for her birthday (I’ll get her a real gift too), I have a two part rebuttal.  Hence, I have deemed myself the birthday coupon fairy (whose end result resembles the tooth fairy but without the traditional tutu).

Rebuttal part 1:

Think of all the things you buy that are not food.  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, baby wipes, feminine products, deodorant, tissues, makeup, beauty tools, and toothpaste are all things that regularly have coupons.  These are all “grocery” kinds of things that are not food.  Most of these things can be free with coupons.  I refuse to “buy” soap these days.  I only get soap if the store is willing to pay me to take it.  I get stores to pay me to take it so often that I have more than enough for my family, extended family and the rescue mission.  You can still reduce the bill if you buy healthier versions of these products.  For example, someone reported recently that had an exceptionally good deal on Tom’s toothpaste and another person used to get on seventh generation diapers for less than $6 a pack.

Rebuttal part 2:

Many things that are considered organic or health foods have coupons.  Very few are listed on mass coupons sites (but I did get a coupon for Barbara’s cereal on a mass coupon site and Kashi almost always has a good coupon out), but there are a lot of coupons available if you sign up for the mailing list.  This website has an extensive list of links to coupons for organic products.  Organic Valley, Stoneyfield, War Eagle Mill, Recharge, Santa Cruz, and Laura’s have coupons that I print regularly.  Create an email account to collect this stuff (one that will pop-up to tell you that there’s something in your inbox) and sign up for all of these coupon lists.

Everybody can use coupons to reduce the cost of something.  It’s not time consuming when done correctly.  I recently heard a lady rebut someone who said, “I don’t have time for this” with “you haven’t been broke enough yet.”

I have determined that I am much too boring to blog–much to my husband’s dismay.  Evidenced by the fact that I refuse to tweet, I don’t have a constant flow of information pertinent to any population.  Anyone who says, “who wants to talk about trig?” can’t have enough to say that people want to read.

I have made a habit of reading blogs…a lot, but I apparently lack the initiative to contribute to the well-being of mankind via a blog.

Seriously, my day consists of the following topics: I’m giving a test in my algebra class. I learned how to make an edible pizza crust. I now have my grocery bill down to less than $30/wk (family of 5) with all of the couponing. My husband works for idiots. My son’s observed that each of my children drinks a different milk (1%, whole, or human milk depending on their ages).   Maybe that constitutes enough fodder in the age of facebook and twitter (where being tired requires an announcement) to contribute.

I draw on the productivity of other blogs, yet feel that I have nothing more that is valuable enough to warrant my time to discuss.  It’s been said.  Whatever “it” is, it’s been said.  I’m perfectly happy to be the Dead Sea (many rivers in, no rivers out) which may get criticism for being “dead” (only criticized metaphorically speaking…because it would be ridiculous to criticize an inanimate object), but is also very rich in minerals (to extend the metaphor).

I guess all of that is a superfluous way of saying that I don’t usually have the energy to post anything interesting…which makes this whole post equivalent to a status update of “I’m tired.”