A few to print as often as they are available…

Wet ones – The $1 off coupon can be used to buy the 97₵ small packs by the cash register.  They are handy for a purse.  The coupon maybe adjusted down to match the price.

TGLee – two prints per computer every two months

All – travel size has them for $1

Johnson and Johnson – can be used to get Johnson Buddies soap for free.  I usually try to combine them with a store coupon though


Renu – Use the $2 off to get it free from the travel section

A few to clip as often as you see them

Johnson and Johnson First Aid – $1 off can be used to get the travel size for free at Target or CVS

Crystal Light – $1 off one and $2 off two can be used for the to go packs by the register

Tide – the $1 off can be used to get the single use packs (travel section) for free