Target 2009-08-12

I’ve heard the expression “stealing with permission” when referring to extensive coupon use to get free stuff. Today is most certainly no exception. I went to CVS and got $65 worth of merchandise for $13. I like 80% savings (armed with coupons galore including TGLee and Wisk).

The bigger experience was at Target though.  A while ago, I got a raincheck on Electrasol (aka Finish) tabs. The sale was a box of 32 for $3.49.  Since then, they added another 25%, making them 40 tabs per box.  I still had 9 of the $2.50/1 Electrasol coupons from newspaper clippings (I bought a bunch of extra ones on eBay).  Recently, they put out a store coupon for $1 off one.  So, after my raincheck for $3.49, manufacturer coupon for $2.50 off, and store coupon for $1 off, I was getting them for free.  I had 9 of these!  So, that’s 9 FREE boxes of Electrasol.

I also had coupons for free batteries, cheap bananas and more than $2.50 off meat.  My final bill was just shy of $5 and the bottom of the receipt said that I saved just shy of $64!  Good stuff!

For those of you who are still learning, remember that eBay is a good place to get things that you KNOW you will buy.  Technically, they can’t sell the coupons on eBay, so they all have a disclaimer saying that you’re buying the seller’s time to clip and assemble.  If you know that something is a good deal and you will use the item over time, search that item’s name and the word “coupon” on eBay.    If there’s a really good coupon in the Sunday paper and you wish you had more, check eBay.  If there is a product that you will buy every week, check eBay.