I’m a pain.  Between a somewhat eccentric personality and my poverty that makes being a crazy coupon lady a necessity, I’m a really big pain to cashiers and innocent bystanders who have the misfortune of being in a checkout line behind me.

In a really good trip to CVS (I’ll post that one later), one cashier was especially patient with me (as many are at the CVS close to me) and a manager stood next to the register to make sure all of the deals printed correctly in my favor.  Suddenly, about three people were in line behind me who just wanted to pick up something quickly and leave.  They opened a new line (and were nice about it) knowing that I would take a long time.

I know that I take up so much of their time that my visits do not warrant such patience, but they grant it anyway.  I told them thank you several times.  The moral of the story is be appreciative to cashiers who are kind and patient.  Make sure to acknowledge their patience.